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Here you will find a selection of projects for reference

Project: damage control to a single-family home due to incorrect handling of asbestos by the roofer in Braunschweig

Activity:  repackaging of asbestos from the container, fine cleaning of the scaffolding and the facade

Volume: single-family house, including scaffolding, roof area and surrounding areas

Noteworthiness: emergency deployment, as a construction stop has been imposed and the authorities threatened to punish them for improper handling of asbestos by roofers

Project: building security and pollution control of the old "Colditz Brewery"

Activity: extraction of contaminated dust, dismantling of the old roof gable

Volume: execution of services directly on the marketplace on several floors at the same time

Noteworthiness: working with a building crane on the market square

Project: gutting the Amazon warehouse in Garching

Activity:  dismantling of KMF ceilings, dismantling of the old high-bay warehouse system, facade cleaning

Volume: complete gutting and preparation of the entire storage building

Noteworthiness: coordinated work with several trades at the same time

Project: line renovation in 64 apartments in Münster

Activity: dismantling the asbestos pipes in the bathrooms and kitchens

Volume: 64 apartments

Noteworthiness: work in the occupied state