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Our technical equipment

As a professional company, we rely on special mechanical equipment. In our technology park you will find the following machines and equipment for your project on the subject of hazardous substance remediation, special demolition and civil engineering.

We are also happy to offer you these devices for rent . Simply send us an inquiry using our contact form.

DitchWitch JT5; Horizontalbohrer; Asbestsanierung

Ditch Witch JT 5 horizontal drill

  • Horizontal drills for tight spaces without costly repaving of roads, driveways, sidewalks or lawns

  • Laying of pipes up to 160mm in diameter and up to 45m in length depending on the soil conditions

  • Transport with car trailer possible

  • Entrance width 92cm

Stehr SGF 600 DL; Grabenfräse.JPG

Fendt 211 Vario tractor / Stehr SGF 600 DL trencher

  • Low-wear add-on trench cutter as cutting wheel for tractors with stepless Vario drive

  • For laying cables of all kinds

  • Milling depth: up to 600 mm

  • Milling width: 150 mm

Ditch Witch C24X; Grabenfräse

Ditch Witch C24X Trencher

  • Compact self-propelled trencher

  • For laying cables of all kinds

  • Milling depth: up to 914 mm

  • Milling width: 152 mm

    Our Ditch Witch C24X in action:

Husquarna DXR-140 demolition robot

  • Compact (fits through all standard doorways)

  • Extremely stable and powerful

  • Ideal for demolition work in tight spaces

  • 360 degree rotatable arm

  • Can be equipped with:

    • demolition hammer

    • demolition tongs

    • sorting gripper

    • steel scissors

    • different shovels

  • Learn more

Schwamborn DSM-430 Schleifmaschine; Asbestsanierung

Schwamborn DSM-430


  • Professional three-disc universal machine (230V) for grinding, polishing, removing coatings; Cleaning of formwork, industrial floors, etc.

  • Great variety of tools

  • Automatic tool adjustment (DIF), quick tool change (ETX), with speed regulation

  • With water metering for wet sanding

  • Can be combined with Dustcontrol DC 3900 extraction

Dustcontrol DC 3900; Asbestsanierung

Dustcontrol DC 3900 industrial vacuum cleaner


  • Highly effective cyclone with patented fine filter and HEPA H13 microfilter

  • Corrosion class C4 (ISO 12944)

  • IP protection class 44 (high degree of protection of the electrical components)

  • Dust-free removal of the plastic bag

  • Height-adjustable frame for easy transport

  • Accessories for many different work tasks

  • Learn more

enviro Hochvakuumsauganlage inkl. Vorabscheider; Asbestsanierung

mobile high vacuum suction system


consisting of:

  1. Pre-separator

  2. enviro Dustkiller CV 119 12.5kW

  3. enviro EasyBag MAXI

Special dry ice cutter for flat roofs and floors

  • Procedure:

    • Step 1: Freezing the surface with loosely applied dry ice (-82 ° C)

    • Step 2: Remove the desired layer with the innovative milling cutter to a depth of up to 15mm

  • Benefits:

    • high time savings thanks to layer removal in just two steps

    • very clean due to simultaneous suction

  • Working speed (step 2): 1-1.5m² / min

  • Connection:

    • Milling machine: 4kW / 400VAC

    • Suction: 12.5kW / 400VAC


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