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General remediation of hazardous substances

With over 20 years of experience in the field of pollutant remediation, we can provide you with a wide range of services. This includes professional dismantling and disposal in the following areas:

Mineral wool products according to TRGS 521

  • thermal insulation in building construction

  • pipe insulation

  • impact sound insulation

  • acoustic ceilings

Gefahrstoffsanierung - Mineralwollprodukte nach TRGS 521 | SAN TECH GMBH

DDT contaminated substances

  • wood preservatives, used in roof trusses

  • plasters, floor coverings

Gefahrstoffsanierung - DDT kontaminierte Stoffe | SAN TECH GMBH
Gefahrstoffsanierung - Teer und andere Pyrolyseprodukte aus organischem Material nach TRGS 551 | SAN TECH GMBH

Tar and other pyrolysis products made from organic material according to TRGS 551

  • tar and pitch products

  • Polycyclic Aromatic Carbons (PAH)

  • parquet adhesive, footfall sound insulation, concrete floors, screeds

  • Benzo (a) pyrene, e.g. used in roofing felt and waterproofing

Gefahrstoffe - PCB kontaminierte Stoffe | SAN TECH GMBH

PCB contaminated substances

  • permanently elastic joint sealing compounds

  • paints and adhesives

  • fluorescent tube capacitors

  • ceiling tiles

Pigeon droppings

  • roof trusses, warehouses, churches, building temples (prefabricated buildings)

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