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Asbestos removal

We offer you a specialized asbestos removal according to TRGS 519 in the following areas:

A recent report on the subject shows that asbestos in its various forms is still present in millions of homes.

The company San-Tech Gebäudemanagement helps you to identify the asbestos-containing substances and to remove them professionally.

Quelle: ZDF heute Sendung vom 10. August 2023

Asbestos-based building materials

(firmly bounded asbestos products)

  • roof and facade panels, including molded parts

  • asbestos-cement pipes in civil engineering

Baustoffe aus Asbestsanierung | SAN TECH GMBH
Isoliermaterial, das freies Asbest enthält | SAN TECH GMBH

Insulating material that contains loose asbestos
(weakly bounded asbestos products)

  • spray asbestos used indoors as fire protection

  • Sokalit, Neptunit, Baufatherm, Promasbest as fire protection panels

Used equipment that contains free asbestos

(weakly bound asbestos products)

  • night storage heaters

  • joint putty such as “Morinol” as a sealing material

Gebrauchte Geräte, die freies Asbest enthalten | SAN TECH GMBH
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