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Our technical equipment

As a professional company, we rely on special machinery. In our technology park you will find the following machines and devices:

DitchWitch JT5; Horizontalbohrer; Asbestsanierung

Grabenfräse Ditch Witch CX24X

  • Grabenfräse zur Verlegung von Leitungen aller Art

  • geringer Platzbedarf

Husquarna DXR-140 demolition robot


  • Compact (fits through all normal door openings)

  • Extremely stable and powerful

  • Ideal for demolition work in confined spaces

  • 360 degree rotatable arm

  • Can be equipped with:

    • Demolition hammer

    • Demolition cutter

    • Sorting gripper

    • Steel scissors

    • various shovels

  • Learn more


Special dry ice cutter for flat roofs and floors

  • Procedure:

    • Step 1: Freezing the surface with loosely applied dry ice (-82 ° C)

    • Step 2: Remove the desired layer with the innovative milling cutter to a depth of up to 15mm

  • Benefits:

    • high time savings thanks to layer removal in just two steps

    • very clean due to simultaneous suction

  • Working speed (step 2): 1-1.5m² / min

  • Connection:

    • Milling machine: 4kW / 400VAC

    • Suction: 12.5kW / 400VAC


Schwamborn DSM-430 Schleifmaschine

Schwamborn DSM-430


  • Professional three-disc universal machine (230V) for grinding, polishing, removing coatings; Cleaning of formwork, industrial floors, etc.

  • Great variety of tools

  • Automatic tool adjustment (DIF), quick tool change (ETX), with speed regulation

  • With water metering for wet sanding

  • Can be combined with Dustcontrol DC 3900 extraction

Dustcontrol DC 3900 industrial vacuum cleaner


  • Highly effective cyclone with patented fine filter and HEPA H13 microfilter

  • Corrosion class C4 (ISO 12944)

  • IP protection class 44 (high degree of protection of the electrical components)

  • Dust-free removal of the plastic bag

  • Height-adjustable frame for easy transport

  • Accessories for many different work tasks

  • Learn more

Dustcontrol DC 3900
enviro Hochvakuumsauganlage inkl. Vorabscheider

mobile high vacuum suction system


consisting of:

  1. Pre-separator

  2. enviro Dustkiller CV 119 12.5kW

  3. enviro EasyBag MAXI

We are happy to offer you these devices for rent .

Simply send us an inquiry using our contact form.

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