Asbestos removal

We offer specialized asbestos removal according to TRGS 519 in the following areas:

Asbestos-based building materials

(firmly bounded asbestos products)

  • Roof and facade panels including preforms

  • Asbestos cement pipes in civil engineering

Used equipment that contains loose asbestos
(weakly bounded asbestos products)

  • Night storage heater

  • Joint putty like “Morinol” as sealing material

Insulating material that contains loose asbestos
(weakly bounded asbestos products)

  • Spray asbestos used indoors as fire protection

  • Sokalit, Neptunit, Baufatherm, Promasbest as fire protection panels


Renovation of asbestos fire dampers

We are one of the few companies in Europe that renovate fire dampers containing asbestos.

Disassembly according to TRGS 519

  • tightly bounded asbestos in the damper blade

  • weakly bounded asbestos in the seal

  • weakly bounded asbestos in the mortar

New assembly according to fire regulations

  • integration into existing ventilation systems

  • walling in with approved fire bricks

  • mortar with approved fire protection mortar


Special milling and abrading work

We are one of the few certified companies that are allowed to abrade and mill asbestos- and other pollutant-containing coverings.
This applies to floor coverings as well as wall and ceiling layers.

Removal and abrading of various coverings

according to TRGS 519, 524, BT 17.17 and BT 11

  • vinyl-flex tiles

  • vinyl coverings

  • floor and covering adhesives

  • coatings containing heavy metals

  • even on difficult surfaces such as mastic asphalt or similar

  • leveling compounds

Removal and milling of various coverings

according to TRGS 519, 524, BT 40

  • multi-layer coverings in one process

  • various screeds (also stone wood screed)

  • concrete

  • bituminous floors



Other pollutant-cleanups

Mineral wool products according to TRGS 521

  • thermal insulation in building construction

  • pipe insulation

  • footstep sound insulation

  • acoustic ceilings

Tar and other pyrolysis products made of organic material according to TRGS 551

  • tar and pitch products

  • Polycyclic Aromatic Carbons (PAH)

  • parquet glue, footstep sound insulation, concrete floors, screeds

  • Benzo(a)pyrene, e.g. used in roofing felt and waterproofing

DDT contaminated substances

  • wood preservatives used in roof trusses

  • plasters, floor coverings

PCB contaminated substances

  • permanently elastic joint sealing compounds

  • coatings and adhesives

  • fluorescent tube capacitors

  • ceiling tiles

Pigeon droppings

  • roof trusses, warehouses, churches, jamb walls
    (prefabricated buildings)

Special demolition

Our range of services consists of

  • disassembly of building equipment up to the shell construction

  • complete demolition of buildings and structures

  • demolition by hand, also according to monument protection law requirements

  • precast concrete - disassembly on prefabricated buildings

  • disassembly of curtain walls

  • concrete sawing and core drilling



Cooling tower renovation and new construction

We renovate cooling components in natural draft and cell cooling towers. We also assemble cell cooling towers from the basic structure to the polygon.

Renovation of natural draft and cell cooling towers

  • weighing and replacement of cooling packages

  • exchange of sprayers

  • repair and replacement of irrigation systems

  • repair and replacement of drip catchers

  • repair and replacement of winter ring lines

  • repair and replacement of soundscapes

  • general maintenance

New construction of cell cooling towers

  • construction and execution according to planning specifications