Disposal of asbestos

Specialized in the disposal of asbestos as in TRGS 519
Our range of services contains the cleanup of:

Building materials with asbestos basis

(firmly bounded asbestos products; EWC: 17 01 05)

  • Roof and facade panels including the formed components
  • Asbestos cement pipes in the civil engineering
  • Friction- and clutch pads from the automobile industry

Used devices containing free asbestos
(EWC: 16 02 04)

  • Night storage heaters

Waste from asbestos processing industries
(lightly bounded asbestos; EWC: 16 02 06)

  • Sealant materials like “Morinol”

Insulating materials containing free asbestos
(lightly bounded asbestos; EWC: 17 06 01)

  • Air-placed asbestos indoors used as fire protection
  • Sokalit, Neptunite, Baufatherm, Promasbestos used as fire-proof plates

Other disposals of hazardous materials

Mineral wool products as in TRGS 521

  • Heating insulation in the structural engineering
  • Pipe insulation
  • Impact sound absorption
  • Acoustic ceiling

Tar and other pyrolysis products made from organic materials as in TRGS 551

  • Tar and pitch products
  • Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH)
  • Floor adhesives, impact sound absorption, concrete floors, screeds
  • Benzopyrene, e.g. used in roofing felt

DDT contaminated materials

  • Timber protective covers used in roof trusses
  • Plasters, floor coverings

PCB contaminated materials

  • Permanently elastic joint sealants
  • Coatings and adhesives
  • Capacitors of fluorescent tubes
  • Ceiling panels

Pigeon droppings

  • Roof trusses, warehouses, churches, jamb walls ( prefabricated houses)